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motokomaharet ([personal profile] motokomaharet) wrote2011-10-13 05:04 pm


I don't know whether my depression is getting better or worse.
I stayed home yesterday, all day.
Did my meditation.
I got 2 loads of washing down.
Did some sewing for my Tribal bra.
I think I did dishes.
Watched 'Watchmen'. Forgot it was a rather long movie.
Did reading for uni.
Got depressed and played Pirate Lego on the Wii.

Today I don't really want to go to uni. I want another week off.
We have 4 weeks of class left.

I thought and said last night, that if I didn't have uni tomoroow, being today, I wouldn't go. But they pay me, so I go.

I just want to curl up in a ball and hide.